Yee Haw! Wild West Playtime for Your Toddler

Encouraging playtime for your toddler, even if it is independent playtime, is a good way to begin to teach your child how to use their time and will also help them learn patience. When you encourage play, a big component you will need to provide your child with are some toys that they can use to stretch their imagination.

Wild west playtime is one such scenario you can provide your child with to encourage independent play, push them to use their imagination, and provide them with a fun activity to help pass their time.

The following are just a few things you can provide your child with to create a very wild west like environment for imaginative play and discovery.


A teepee is a fun way to get your child’s creative juices flowing and will allow them to pretend to camp out under the stars. It is also a good piece to introduce to a room that can be used as the foundation for a nice reading corner with the addition of their favourite books and a few comfy pillows and cushions.

Ride on Toys

Giving your toddler access to some fun ride on toys will help further their dreams of a wild west environment and will make playtime that much more enjoyable for them.

A ride on pedal pony, for example, will go a long way in helping them feel like a real cowboy in the wild, wild west. It will also encourage movement and exercise because the toy relies on your child’s leg power to move it since it requires no kind of power supply.


A sandpit is another toy that can help encourage imaginative and independent play and the possibilities really are endless because there are a countless number of things a toddler can do when given a sandbox and a few toys.