Outdoor Games and Activities for Your Active Toddler

When you have an active toddler, then you probably already realise how important it is for them to get outdoors and play games and participate in different activities on a regular basis. Playing outdoors is a good way for them to get some exercise and fresh air and promotes an overall sense of well-being and health while they explore and discover their environment and build healthy muscle and strength, improve coordination, and build self-confidence.


Sandpits are a great way to encourage your active toddler’s imagination and are a great way to get them outside and in the fresh air, interacting with other kids. It is a sensory activity as well as a social activity and can help your child learn how to share their toys while also getting them to move their muscles.

To keep them interested, you can mix up sandpit fun by allowing them to create their own coloured sand or you can incorporate different items such as play kitchen utensils, so they can use their imaginations and pretend they are cooking with the sand. You can also hide shells or other little treasures in the sand, and they can hunt for their own buried treasures.


Trampolines are another item that would make a great addition to your backyard and will encourage your toddler to jump around and get some exercise outdoors. Trampolines can offer your child a lesson to teach persistence, like when they want to perfect a different move on the trampoline. They can also improve their flexibility, help develop motor skills, improve their posture, and provide a good cardiovascular workout.

Any game or activity you allow your child to participate in outdoors will award them with the opportunity to learn and grow and use their imagination in many ways. Providing them with a safe and fun space to play is the first step toward seeing a happy and healthy toddler.