Cubby Houses Create An Amazing Personal Play Space

Cubby houses are back—with a vengeance. In an era where everyone in the family from Mum to teenage brother is creating their own special place to get away from the world for a bit, your toddler will soon begin looking for their own fun place to get away.

A Place To Develop Skills

A cubby house provides the perfect place for your toddler to enjoy playtime outdoors without wandering too far away from Mum. More than just a place for playtime, a cubby house can have a great impact on your child’s development. Research shows that kids take playtime seriously; it’s actually a form of work to them.  Spending time outdoors with a cubby house, playing and handling different objects, can help them develop motor, physical, and social skills.

Cubby Houses Engage Your Child

Be sure to choose a cubby house that will engage your toddler. For example, the youngest toddler will enjoy bright colours and exciting accessories in a small cubby house. Those with swinging doors, a small slide, or an “indoor kitchen” will likely engage them and keep them playing outdoors for the afternoon.

A natural wood cubby house provides a home-like atmosphere that’s the perfect playtime escape when your toddler is ready for an upgrade. Some come complete with a white-picket fence, some are one-level accommodations, and some even have sandpits underneath to provide double the fun. There’s no end to the choices that kids and parents can both appreciate.

Year-Round Fun Outdoors

By providing shade in the summer and protection from the elements in the winter, a cubby house can provide year-round fun. It’s a place to hide, a place to play, and a place to grow. Take advantage of the many hours of playtime your toddler will find in the great outdoors.