Creating a Monochrome Space

Creating a space that is monochrome and has a real focus on black and white can create a clean and still appealing aesthetic for even a space that is designated for a child. Black and white have been found to help stimulate the eyesight, and brain development of children and these monochromatic colours will work for any age and any palette.

Incorporate Style and Function

Just because you choose monochrome colours such as black and white, does not mean that you have to have a minimal looking space. You can instead combine the whitewashed appearance of furniture with the natural look of a textured rug or throw and add in key black pieces to add some contrast and shift the focus of the room.

A Kids Cow Animal Stool in black is one piece that would make a delightful addition to any toddler’s monochromatic space and is also functional and can be used in combination with other pieces to help create an inviting and playful space.

A storage toy box in a white finish would look good in contrast to a black leather recliner designed for a child or a sleek black double couch. All of these pieces play a very functional role in any space designed for a child.

Mix Things Up

You can also mix up the black and white you use by introducing different patterns and designs that utilise these two focus colours. There is no end to the imagination when it comes to using monochromatic colours and there is no need to have to start from scratch to create this look either.

Start by introducing a few black and white throw pillows or blankets to the space, and as you continue to create the room, you can add in the other elements as we discussed earlier until you make a space fit for the big imagination of your child.