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Welcome to Toddler Heaven!

Welcome to Toddler Heaven. Our blog space is a place full of tips for toddlers from how to create a dream playspace, to creative ideas on how to keep those little ones occupied and more. Stay tuned and come back soon… we’ve got some great articles coming your way! From the Toddler Heaven team.

Yee Haw! Wild West Playtime for Your Toddler

Encouraging playtime for your toddler, even if it is independent playtime, is a good way to begin to teach your child how to use their time and will also help them learn patience. When you encourage play, a big component you will need to provide your child with are some toys that they can use […]

Outdoor Games and Activities for Your Active Toddler

When you have an active toddler, then you probably already realise how important it is for them to get outdoors and play games and participate in different activities on a regular basis. Playing outdoors is a good way for them to get some exercise and fresh air and promotes an overall sense of well-being and […]

Cultivating a Woodlands Imagination

Cultivating a Woodlands Imagination

Cultivating a Woodlands Imagination If your child has an imagination that is more focused on the outdoors and animals and other woodlands creatures and outdoor activities, then there are many things you can provide to them to make them feel that much more a part of nature and will allow them to discover and explore […]