5 Ways That Jumping Can Improve Your Child’s Health

A toddler who can jump is a happy toddler. Jumping is not only fun to do, but it also has many health and educational benefits. The next time your toddler asks to go outdoors to jump on the trampoline for playtime, you can feel good about answering with a resounding yes thanks to these 5 things it can do.

1) Helps develop motor skills. Jumping up and down on a trampoline requires both sides of the brain and body to work together to maintain balance. Bodily movements must keep up the momentum of jumping to keep from falling down. This helps to develop and improve gross motor skills and works toward the development of planning skills.

2) Aids in sensory development. The movement of jumping stimulates the vestibular system, which is the area in the brain responsible for movement and balance. Jumping teaches the brain to organise and regulate itself, which can transfer over into daily activity and aid in completing structured tasks.

3) Improves flexibility and posture. Since the trampoline floor is in constant movement, your toddler must be aware of their centre of gravity at all times, which aids in developing good posture. Since jumping on the trampoline strengthens and lengthens muscles, tendons, and ligaments, it greatly improves flexibility.

4) Assists in learning. Stimulation of the vestibular system helps organise many of the processes in the brain. When the brain is well-stimulated from jumping, it helps the brain process and store information properly. Plus, children who learn muscle control see improvements in learning in other areas.

5) Provides a good workout. Make exercise fun by encouraging health and fitness through jumping on the trampoline. It increases heart rate and endurance, and can help maintain a healthy weight. Get the whole family involved in playtime fun that’s good for everyone.